OBS(해저 지진계)

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제품명 해저 지진계
제품용도 지진계(해저 설치용)
제조사 Guralp Systems
카달로그 다운로드
비고 High performance broadband ocean bottom seismometers

(1) Full autonomous operation with or without acoustic communication/alert capability
(2) Real time cabled systems for incorporation into monitoring networks

Deployable by ROV, free-fall or on a winch
All OBS systems are fitted with a magnetometer to determine instrument orientation at depth
Option to incorporate differential pressure gauges (DPGs) or absolute pressure gauges (APGs) for applications such as tsunami early warning systems


Model range


Maris - A real-time cabled OBS, pushed or cored into the seafloor, suitable for depths up to to 6000 m/19,685 ft

Orcus - A real-time cabled OBS that sits fully or partially buried on the seafloor for depths of up to to 6000 m/19,685 ft

Aquarius - A free-fall, stand alone, compact OBS that uses acoustic telemetry with an option for near real-time alerts, for depths of up to 6000 m/19,685 ft

Breve - A rapid response OBS that is lowered on a winch into shallow water of up to 150 m /492 ft depth

Liber - A freefall OBS for temporary deployments in waters of up to 6000 m/19,685 ft 



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